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"The Finest Tan in The Valley"                                  By Appointment                          559.723.6532




1. To get the maximum benefits of your spray tan, you will need to exfoliate your skin. Use a loofah, bath poof or scrub. To ensure the best exfoliation, I recommend St Ives Apricot Scrub. It works great, its cheap, and you can find in anywhere (target, wal-greens, wal-mart, etc). While you are in the shower, scrub the exfoliator over your entire body and then rinse with water. Same procedure with a loofah and soap. This removes all of the dead skin so your spray tan is going into a fresh, clean layer of skin. The shower/exfoliator needs to be done as closely to your appointment as possible since you want your skin COMPLETELY clean. 


2. DO NOT PUT ON ANY LOTION, PERFUME, MAKE-UP, DEODORANT, ETC before your spray tan. Anything on your skin will keep it from absorbing evenly. 


3. Be sure to wear loose fitting clothes to your appointment. The less rubbing on the spray tan the better it will set in and last. The looser the clothes, the better. 


4. You can do the spray tan any way you feel comfortable whether be in a swimsuit, bra and panties, in the nude, etc. COMPLETELY TO YOUR COMFORT LEVEL. Keep in mind, if you wear something, try to keep it slinky, minimizing the tan lines you will recieve. 



5. You will need to wait a MINIMUM of 6 hours before taking a shower. This allows the DHA to set to your skin. (For example: If you are getting sprayed for an event on Saturday, it is best to do your spray tan on Thursday or Friday evening) During the time after your spray tan, you need to stay COMPLETELY dry. You cannot get wet, sweat, or apply anything to your skin (this includes make-up, perfume, deodorant, etc) until you have taken a shower and rinsed off the excess solution.   


6. You will see a little bit of color wash off in your first shower...this is normal. It is only the excess solution coming off, not your tan. You may return to your normal routine of shaving, washing, ect. Absolutely no exfoliating procedures should be done during the time in which you wish to keep your tan.


7.When drying off from your shower or bath, please remember to "blot" yourself dry, without rubbing your skin and inadvertently rubbing your tan away. To increase the life of your spray tan, it is recommended to keep your skin moisturized with a good moisturizing lotion twice a day.  


8.Days after your tan or when your tan starts to fade, keeping in mind that some areas rub more or are dryer then others, you may experience light blotchyness. Easily exfoliate those areas to keep your tan looking fresh. 


9. With proper care your tan will last you up to 2 weeks. You may spray again when ever you are ready. Just follow the same procedure above. If you still have spray tan on, you may exfoliate it all off to start fresh (this can be hard if the skin is not ready for exfoliation) or you may also, tan over your tan to keep that tanned looked year round. The previous spray tan will just blend in with the new solution after your 6 hour develop time. 



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